Tuesday, March 25, 2014

AP Art Project Two-My Own Head

This project was the first time I had ever used prisma colored pencils. In class, we had an assignment to draw a still life of the apple. Although the apple was red, I used purple and yellow for my highlights. The prismas have so many options to choose from. The colors are vibrant and amazing for layering. I knew I wanted to use prismas to bring a piece to life. After this prisma project, my eye for color was stronger. 

This photograph is actually a scanned photo I took using my home printer. This process is called scanography. which is the process of capturing digitized images of objects for the purpose of creating printable art using a flatbed "photo" scanner. I added my dove necklace and blew my breath on the screen to show condensation. 

I took this photo in Art Three which was my junior year. 11th grade was not the best time for me. I was stressed from my school work, friends and family. The black space around the picture I envisioned was my own head, I felt I couldn't escape my own head. I began to envy the birds I would see around me. Their ability to pick up and leave any spot they were at. No ties forcing to return to places that may have caused them problems in their past. I believe birds are my spirit animal and I most identify with them. After completing this photo in prismacolor my senior year, this photo has a new meaning to me, I am glad to have overcome my trials and tribulations that once hindered me from being happy. Instead of envying birds, I now admire them. 

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