Sunday, September 22, 2013

First Two Projects, Art IV Honors

I took our first assignment very seriously.  My theme for this project was A Moment in Time and  my topic was Movement. 
I was a liitle rusty from being inactive over the summer and wanted to showcase my best talent: pen and ink. I used several techniques to separate the trees, from the raven, from the sky, book and glass jar. 
Stippling, hatching, cross hatching and a few techniques that I made up helped blend and create variation. 

I felt like my first work wasn't personal. What's more personal than creating something around yourself? My younger brother took this photo of me in my garage. My original idea was to do a simple pen & ink. But water color soon invaded its way in...
I really liked my piece in black and white but people kept telling me it was 'incomplete'. They were right although I had put myself at the center of the piece I was still blending in. I wanted to pop...
I brought some color to my work, to me. I chose the brightest colors too, yellow orange and red. I love how vibrant I look. Looking at this five feet away I am the only thing that stands out.