Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Art IV, Project 6&7

I started getting more into my concentration and decided my focus would be on myself. Mental disorders always interested me, people can't see what's on the inside. This piece was a focus on the difference from being busy to overwhelmed. This line is thin and easily crossed for people like myself. Feeling overwhelmed with day to day life, not having time to do what you need to is exhausting. Some days I wish my head would stop spinning and I feel like cutting it off. I express my relief through the color change of purple and red. How relieved I would feel if my stopped feeling overwhelmed. 

Why didn't anyone tell me collages would be tricky? Especially one so large. I started flipping through National Geographic magazines and started pulling out landscapes that I used for my background. I had no idea what my focus would be. I started finding pictures of people looking from different view points and arranged them by perspective. This was a multi-media piece using acrylic paint, tissue paper and magazine clippings.