Thursday, January 2, 2014

Art IV Honors, Projects 8&9

The drawing class was using charcoal and I thought it would be a great medium for my eighth piece. Thinking it would be easy to shade and show contrast, I decided on buildings. Why I thought charcoal would be easy, I have no idea. It was constantly smudging and after each day of work, the charcoal was always leaving the paper. The buildings I drew were based off the Brazilian slums. I titled this piece A Conflict of Interest. How one city can go from drab and dreary to big and promising. 
Aside from watercolor, paint is not a first choice. Our teacher made oil painting a requirement and I had no choice but to comply. I had initially picked a sketch I had drawn out but with feedback I went with a portrait I had taken of myself. (A selfie basically.) I was told blending skin color would be easy, and it was. 
I chose warm colors to portray the intense heat I feel from critisicism. Since the beginning of time I have yearned for a place or a feeling of acceptence. In the painting, my eyes represent me finding what I was looking for. I titled this picture Home, because my search is now over.