Friday, October 25, 2013

Project Five, Art IV

One of my required mediums to use was paper sculpture. I was excited and nervous about doing something 3D. I thought about doing an animal but felt that would be too difficult to accomplish in three weeks. I decided on a tree because although the shapes were simple, there was so much depth I could add to them. 
I knew I was using white paper but still wanted to bring color to my piece. I thought adding colorful message slips. 
This project  took up so much of my time. I placed the man at the trunk of the tree hiding and slouched to express gloom in the midst of something so beautiful. 
With different angles of my tree in some you can see the man slouched and in other angles you cannot see him at all. I decided to title this Somebody's Christmas because even on such a beautiful day like Decemeber 25th, there's no telling who might not be enjoying that day and why. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Project Three, Art IV

My inspiration from my third work comes from a class mate. I like the patterns tye dye makes, because it's not repetition at all. It's more of a different shapes repeated in random places. 
I wanted to recreate this tye dye image onto paper with watercolor. Blue was definately the color I wanted to go but India Ink was something I picked up. I started randomly blowing on this small sheet and realized they had turned into trees. 
I tried to recreate what I had done on the practice sheet onto my final. The blues on my final were so intense and the shots of yellow were perfect. 
My teacher felt this piece was incomplete and I agreed. I needed something for this forest, to bring it to life. For weeks I couldn't decide on what should be apart of my blue-green forest. My deadline was approaching fast and I still hadn't thought of anything. I was I desperate need of life. I had suddenly found it! I added yellow to highlight them, I didn't need to add life to piece because it was already there. I couldn't believe I was searching for things to pile upon my forest but the life was already there. My forest had lungs! It was already breathing. 
I titled this The Living Forest, for obvious reasons. 

Project Number Four, Art IV

I love my hair, there, I said it. I love painting and drawing and showing the texture of it. My curls have definition and tons of depth and I felt acrylic paint would be a great tool to express that. 
I immediately knew I did not want to just use a canvas for this piece. A few if my peers were working with cardboard and I loved the idea of the it's texture coming through the piece. But I felt I could take that idea a step further...
I was excited to use the wood but it was also driving me up a wall. No matter how much paint I used, the wood would just soak it up. I admit to not working so neatly but I also prefer not to jut slab globs of paint onto a project. It took over two weeks til the colors finally starte working together and were made bold... 
I am not that into realistic drawing nor am I great at it. Although I painted all three bodies from the same photograph I interpreted them in three very different ways. No nose the same, nor the brush strokes on each collard shirt. I wanted the colors I chose to reflect that as well. Who has orange skin and purple hair? Who do you know with deep black piercing eyes? I decided to title this Surfaces.