Tuesday, March 25, 2014

AP Art Project One- Insert Series

 Through each piece of art I make, my personal choice, interest or expression is always present. One of my favorite mediums to use is a basic black pen. Stippling is my most common technique but after playing around on a few sketchbooks I created my own little version of pen stroke. Dragging, shooting and letting my pen run freely on my paper gave me very unique gesture drawings. the human body is so beautiful and it is my favorite object to gesture draw. Adding red ink and charcoal were new things I tried out on this piece which I am glad I did. The second and third mediums add an extra dimension and also depth to my figures.
I took a risk with this pen and ink by not specifying the gender of my bodies. By not including hair, certain boy parts or even facial features, I let my audience define and insert their own genders. One thing I struggle with is gender. I absolutely hate identifying my bodies by gender and actually find I am limiting my audience. I want my art to speak to every one, Every race, every age, every background and ofcourse every gender. I feel people underestimate how alike other people are to them. I know I have something in common with every single person on planet and Earth and I believe this piece definitely represents that. 

My personal story to this piece is that the two figures are both me. I titled this the Insert Series  because I want people to make this work personal. For me, I constantly am relying and reverting to my innocence. The adolescent me is often stressed, frustrated and scared about how fast my world is turning and constantly changing. I always wish to go back to being a little girl. What was my biggest worry? I doubt I even had one, playing on a playground, drinking out of a curly straw and laying in my parents' arms when struggles arose. This work examines how much I miss when life was simpler, before I was exposed to the evil of the world. 

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