Thursday, March 27, 2014

AP Art Project Six- Insert Series

This piece is the third and last of my Insert Series. I like to call it "The Closure". After a lifetime chained to a person or problem. What happens when you finally no longer have that obstacle in your life? Are you relieved because you can finally start living your life for yourself or are you more crippled than you were before? I decided to go with the more eery feeling for the conclusion of the this series. I wanted my audience to decide for themselves. Although I am lifted from the burden of my past it has also left me broken and fragile. Through time I will become stronger but the constant  reminder of my past is my memory. Although you can move on from bad situations you cannot erase memories that were embedded from your brain. 
Because this is part of a series I of course wanted to continue my perfecting my pen and ink techniques. The darkness around the bodies I created by letting my pen run free and having a loose wrist.
I of course added the blue and red ink to bring the piece to another dimension. The charcoal I have started learning to use has brought my pen and inks to another level. The shading and variety of the color black has been a tremendous help with my biggest problems. 

With any project I always have my community in mind, my community is everybody. I believe I connect with every person on the planet in some way. I got the entire series from a novel I had read called She's Come Undone. Long story short, the protagonist of the story has had a hard life and ends us having a major melt down in her twenties. The novel uses counseling and psychological help to bring the woman back to life and she ends up having a great life in fact. I have always wanted to reach a greater audience, I have always wanted to help as many people as I can, be a shoulder to lean on and give others the advice they need to uplift their spirits. I created this series as a visual form of counseling and closure. I hope people look at these pieces and relate them to their own life. What is holding you back, who is controlling your happiness, what is your crutch and after you overcome your personal obstacle how do you spend the rest of your life? 

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