Tuesday, March 25, 2014

AP Art Project 4- Look Past the Blinding Light

This piece had several challenges made from tedious mistakes from myself. An hour earlier in the day I had been using oil paints for another project and had wet paint on my arms and hands. For anyone that is familiar with oil paints knows they are very slow to dry. Long story short, the oil paint smudged green paint on my yellow drawing. I went ahead and added yellow and orange into the face to draw attention away from the smudges. Sad to say, my oil paint fiascos did not end there. I went ahead and assumed the yellow paint I had picked up to use was indeed watercolor, which is what I planned to use. The paint was not lying down on my watercolor paper smooth but rather rough and clumpy. Come to find out, I had in fact used oil paint for my water color! Totally bummed, I solved my problem by trying the water color pencils for the first time. They allowed me to add yellow color exactly where I needed. These obstacles taught me to pay close to my surroundings and what I use and to definitely clean up after myself!
I was getting pretty good at using a black pen to my advantage. Drawing human hair has always been a struggle for me, luckily, my own hair has so dimensions. All the curls, and twists were fun to draw and I am happiest coloring/ drawing out side the straight line. I used a variety of pen widths; thick for my  basic outlines and thin for inside details. I ended up creating a swirl effect around the parts I wanted shaded instead of just simply shading it in. For my hand, I used the technique of contour lines and followed the curves on my fingers. I used spacing to represent my various shades. 

There is a total contrast when I place the photo I took next to the water color I painted. The two pieces give me a two different feelings. The top photo makes it seem as though I am looking at something like an insect on the ground, as opposed to the bottom which gives me a sense I was looking through something. 
After much reflection, I realized this is what I envision myself looking like when I see the face of God. He is the yellow paint, the blinding light I can't help but stare at. He sees through Me, not the other way around, With his light, he pours himself right into me, washing away all impurities I had aquired from being on Earth,. After analyzing this project, it has reassured me to live my life through God, he is my keeper and when I finally do reach him, all my sins will be swept away.

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