Friday, October 25, 2013

Project Five, Art IV

One of my required mediums to use was paper sculpture. I was excited and nervous about doing something 3D. I thought about doing an animal but felt that would be too difficult to accomplish in three weeks. I decided on a tree because although the shapes were simple, there was so much depth I could add to them. 
I knew I was using white paper but still wanted to bring color to my piece. I thought adding colorful message slips. 
This project  took up so much of my time. I placed the man at the trunk of the tree hiding and slouched to express gloom in the midst of something so beautiful. 
With different angles of my tree in some you can see the man slouched and in other angles you cannot see him at all. I decided to title this Somebody's Christmas because even on such a beautiful day like Decemeber 25th, there's no telling who might not be enjoying that day and why. 

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